Irish Skittles Game

Irish Skittles Complete Set
Irish Skittles Game:
This authentic, traditional and fun Irish game is made to the specifications
used by Irish Skittles Association in Co. Cavan, Ireland.  

It's played using wooden pins called "throwers" to knock other wooden pins called "standers" out of a 5 ft. diameter skittle ring. This is a great game to play on concrete. It's easy to set up and portable enough to bring to any gathering. 

Irish Skittles is played with 2 or more players. Players take turns tossing "throwers" to knock as many "standers" out of the skittle ring as possible.  The object of the game is to score as many points as possible. The player or team with the highest score after 5 rounds wins. 

Each Irish Skittles game includes: 4 hardwood throwers, 5 hardwood standers, compass, chalk, measuring string, score sheets, 5 gallon bucket and playing instructions.  (See More information below)
Irish Skittles has an ancient tradition going back to the middle ages.  It was first played in Ireland at the local crossroads for many years and then developed into an organized competition in the last half century.

 The major change was transferring the game from the crossroads to a modern game with concrete surfaces, standardized rules and organized competitions.

In 1976 a formalized constitution was introduced into the Cavan area and in 1978 became an all Ireland constitution with an all Ireland committee in charge of the organization.  Local count league and county championships have been held in Co. Cavan since 1972 and the All Ireland series commenced in Mitchlestown in 1976 and have been running annually ever since.

For Game Rules:  CLICK HERE!             To Keep Score:  CLICK HERE!
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Irish Skittles Thrower Set
Irish Skittles Stander Set



Irish Skittles
Complete Set

Irish Skittles
Thrower  Set

Irish Skittles
Standers Set

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