In the “Supermaitre” class, digital goes hand in hand with autonomy and personalization

In partnership with the Maif.

What strikes first, when you enter Julien Crémoux's bright classroom, it is neither the tablet corner, nor laptops, a rare commodity in primary schools, nor the interactive whiteboard (TBI) enthroned in the background classroom opposite his desk; no, these are the tennis balls, used balls, gutted like frosted lemons and recycled into chair pads for a good educational cause.

This is because the teacher here is keen on active pedagogies.His students do not sit 45 minutes to receive - more or less attentively - his teachings.They are in perpetual motion, obeying the siren of the buzzer which, all of them every 8-10 minutes, the workshop changes.

This way of working has many advantages - we will come back to it -, but it has one big flaw: it is potentially very loud and can mistreat the floors, which, in this delicious Henri-Challand school in Nuits-Saint-Georges (Côte- d'Or), a moving vestige of the Republic of the "Jules", deserve to be respected.

"Twisted", "twoulipo" and 3D

Educational innovation is first and foremost an art of DIY, they say.With Julien Crémoux, we have a fine illustration of this, because not only does our man carefully watch over his furniture, but he is also a computer hacker outside This is how he was spotted during the long school tunnel at home last spring.Inventive and moreover a lender, the teacher had shared on his site Supermaître ...or almost the codes d'En route pour Paris, a small in-house educational site allowing you to explore the capital, while covering in a fun and very documented way the entire program of intermediate courses.

Posted Date: 2021-02-01

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