Nathalie Mons: "We must put an end to the old model of the computer room"

In partnership with the Maif.

In your study, you underline that French education remains rather traditional and ultimately does little to exploit the potential of digital technology.

First, to the very technocentric vision of digital education which, until now, has largely dominated in ruling circles.Dumping tablets and computers into establishments without questioning their use is no longer possible.based on the needs of teachers.

A physical education and sports teacher must be able to film the gestures of his students.A language teacher will mainly handle audio tools, while a life and earth sciences teacher needs to offer simulated practical work on computer… They do it today, but on an ad hoc basis.To go further, they need various digital and mobile tools.Far, very far from the model of the computer room with its often obsolete PCs which, unfortunately, predominates too often.

However, it is better to have somewhat dated PCs than no PC at all.Your study shows monstrous equipment differentials from one establishment to another ...

Digital equipment, like all school infrastructure, is the responsibility of communities.We are therefore paying the price for our imperfect decentralization, with extremely variable allocations from one territory to another.The problem is particularly glaring in primary, where the overall equipment rate is poor (12.5 pupils per post) and varies greatly according to the wealth of the municipalities (from 3.7 pupils per post for the 20% of schools with the best resources to… 32.9 pupils by post for the least endowed 20%).

Posted Date: 2021-03-04

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