“What remains of the unique college of VGE? "

Tribune: On the occasion of the death of President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, many comments have focused on the major societal reforms he has carried out, and in this inventory there is a lack which, on its own , says a lot: its action in the field of education, with the creation of the “single college for all”.

In establishing it, the very strong message to which its author was very keen was that of the abolition of the courses which characterized the French middle school, then cut between the long way leading to high school, the "modern short", and the way of so-called "transition-practice" apprenticeship.The fact of offering all young French people to follow together a common core of training extending, and improving, that of primary school, by removing the discrimination that existed between these forms of compulsory schooling, was a very proactive social option.

However, it must be noted that this reform was immediately subjected to harsh attacks from all political sides.Forty-five years after the law of July 11, 1975, it is not without significance that the single college remains a fundamental element of the education system., but that no one wanted or dared, failing to claim its heritage, at least to evoke it.

"Valuing the various aspects of the personality" of young people

My father, René Haby, who invested a lot of himself in the reform that bears his name, saw the need to change this school which wanted, according to him, "to make the diversity of students' aptitudes and interests coincide with a prefabricated framework responding to a traditional training ", he explained in 1975 in the review Parents and Masters.For him it was a question of" valuing the various aspects of the personality without polarizing excessively this training on the requirements of traditional culture.and abstract ”.

Posted Date: 2020-12-21

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